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Our latest Harvest for 2010 is located HERE in stream by Request format...


Stream Consistency Issues

While the station is fully operational, we are still awaiting the installation of our normal networking service provider at the new location, which is now re-scheduled for Monday the 22nd of November. When we have been streaming live from here over an alternate network (an ethernet), there have been stream consistency issues during the peak traffic daytime hours, and so, during such times I have taken to streaming directly from the server, at 192k, until our usual networking service is activated at the new coordinates. Sorry for any inconvenience in this delay in returning to normal professional quality radio streaming in our new location on SSI. While streaming directly from the server, in Chicago, there is no announcing, and so it's just the tracks, Jack.


Harvest Number 84 - For Fall 2010

Everything is going well in getting settled into our new coordinates, however work continues on resolving some networking issues. Specifically, we are streaming via the Shaw Ethernet, rather than our usual Telus ADSL service which has yet to be activated at the station's new location, and so during peak periods there have been issues with streaming over the shared bandwidth of the Shaw network here on SSI, causing stream consistency issues. I apologize for this rare blip in stream reliability while we are streaming temporarily over an Ethernet service. North American daytimes can be problematic, but night time bandwidth is generally unconstrained.

Thank you for your patience with technical issues while we temporarily stream via the Shaw Ethernet service until our regular Telus DSL service is re-activated at the new location.

Harvest Number 84 - For Fall 2010

Now that has been destroyed by the competition in their decade long war on networked independent artists and communities and services which promote them, the global independent artist community landscape has been virtually clearcut now, as that gathering of the greater portion of the vast original mp3com artist commmunity was skattered and disconnected. The result of this is that most of the big independent artist sites have now been destroyed, leaving sites like, and among the few remaining original community sites which have survived this past 10 years in the war on independent artists...

In this, the 84th harvest of all new releases in electronica, The International Harvester has focused exclusively on the vibrant independent artist community at, and so we have over 100 of the best new tracks in rotation now, and this show rocks! As the days pass, I expect to be given to add further tracks to incremental versions of this harvest, along with other special surprises. We are listening to the hottest new releases since June 2010, and other excellent tracks uncovered in Harvest Number 84 from



Live Stream Status:

I have just been performing some live stream tests on a new network, mostly in the night on this side of the planet. When doing so, I am playing a special hybrid mix of Harvest Number's 78 and 79, from, and it rocks, Most Highly! I have been streaming at different bitrates while testing out the network, between 128k and the usual 160k, and when I am not streaming live, the show is at 192k from the server.

Still working on getting the new studio set up here on Salt Spring Island (SSI), and so please bear with me while I am being given to work on the systems and things.

Live - From The Canadian Wilderness - This is Synerdata.Net Radio!


Temporarily Off The Air

It has happened again that we are relocating the station, and so we would be off the air for a short time. We hope to be back on the air within a couple, or a few weeks. Closing

Another one bites the dust...

They have been dropping like flies, and the next one to be shut down is, which we have been harvesting all electronic music from for over a year, in anticipation of this eventual, and predictable news. is scheduled to be "retired" on July 15th, 2010.

And so in the next couple of weeks, I expect to be making a concerted effort, as when mp3com was destroyed in late 2003, to harvest all the electronic music at to try to rescue everyone in the former mp3com community which largely moved to when mp3com was destroyed, in an effort to continue to keep the global community together as it is scattered from one after another shuttered site.

With Data from Gideon, at

Closed/Shut Down/Destroyed Between - 2001-2010 (Partial List)

Still running: (Partial List)


I have just been watching as the new SoundCloud music sharing site has been growing in popularity among the independent artist community, and I noticed they have a drop box feature, and so I have signed the station in to their site, and I am just trying out the service as a way for artists to conveniently sent their music for airplay.

In general, I like the SoundCloud service, from what I see, however, after I signed in, I saw that their free account only has a 2 hour limit upon it (ie: 2 hours of music uploaded), after which, serious monetary investment is required, and so it looks like it would be a limited trial of their otherwise useful service, but we'll see how it goes.

But for now, you can click the dropbox link below my picture at right, or Click Here, to send me a track you would like featured on the show!

Harvest Number 83 - For Spring 2010

I have just been rendered to complete Harvest Number 83, for Spring, 2010. This is a huge, double sized harvest of over 400 tracks. To start out, I was given to harvest over 80 of the hottest new releases at, and then I proceeded with the ongoing wide-swath harvest of, where I harvested everything by everyone from 1500 to 1600 in the database, for over 300 more tracks in this harvest of the best 21st century electronic music, and things.

For this harvest, we are also featuring new works by Sunburn in Cyprus, as well as the hot new album by Repose, as well as the new album by Weed, all of which made it in time for feature in this harvest.

For the past few months I have been working on upgrading the station and repairing it's capacity and things, and so much of the programming has been in recorded "podcast" format while I have been working on things, however I am back on the air live again now, mixing nightly and the like, as we proceed into the spring and summer programming.

Synerdata.Net Radio Continues.



Support The Arts

Harvest Number 83 is underway, and should be on the air within an unspecified roman numeral of days.

In the meantime, why don't you take a trip back into simpler times in human history with me, and float around in the air in the Sistine Chapel, in Virtual Reality, to admire the state of the art in photography a few hundred years ago...

(Warning: Contains Nudity and Suggestive Scenes and Religion and Violence and the other things).

New Server

The station expansion is progressing favorably...

A new server has been added, returning the station to it's previous capacity, and increasing upon it, after the past few years without the secondary server, and so we are able to promote the station again and climb back up The Electronica Chart at For your information the new server is in Chicago (as opposed to southern California), and it's at:, if you would like to bookmark it.

The station is now at a professional running capacity of 65 concurrent unique listener streams at any given time, and we are able to quickly expand the capacity, as may be needed, in the future, and so we are looking forward to returning to our normal shepherd orbit chart positions in the top five electronica stations.

I was also given to deploy a "Tip Jar" and station contributions donation link, and so if you are pleased with the work that I am being given to do, or would like to encourage me to work harder, and wish to join in supporting the operational expenses of this station with us, you can use major credit cards, and Paypal as well, to express your appreciation. Anything between $5.00 and $500 Billion seriously helps cover the growing expenses of delivering to you the most important radio show in this solar system.

Simply indicate if your contribution is for station expenses, or if it's a Tip, for the MP3-J!

I'll keep you informed as we proceed with the station's launch!

Station Expansion

Some may wonder about the relatively static nature of the programming this year, where normally I am given to alternate programs more frequently, and do more live mixing, and the reason for this is because I am actually working hard here behind the scenes on preparing the station for launch, and some other things...

In the times ahead we are to be increasing the station's capacity back to normal, and then resuming wide promotion, to bring it back out of the proverbial garage, where it has been obscurely parked since 2006, while the rumored war on Canada has unfolded. We are very excited about proceeding with the station's development schedule now, starting with repairs to it's audience capacity, and visible presence and accessibility to the public, having completed the internal infrastructure upgrades over the past orbit.

As one of the artists, I have also been taking time this orbit to work on a belated new album of electronica, where I have sorely neglected my own music production since my last single in 2005, and so this is the reason that I have been playing pre-recorded multi-part "podcast" versions of each harvest lately, as I have hijacked the main computer here in the ctrl-room for music production.

We have harvest Number 83 coming up, but prior to that I am hoping to be given to mix up an interim feature, as well as to put on a couple of favorite past programs, just to freshen things up prior to the next harvest.

Thanks for your patience while we attend to expanding the station in our launch preparations!

The Origins of UK Synth-Pop

This is a 9 part television special about the origins of British synthpop, and it's really good, and so I just had to share it with you. Check it out!

Harvest Number 82 - For Winter 2010

Listen to Synerdata.Net Radio (Shoutcast .pls): Tune In!

Windows Media Player Listeners (.asx): Tune In!

Entering into a new decade of producing Synerdata Radio seems strangely surreal...

Indeed, it is interesting how quickly time can seem to pass when one is listening to good music and the songs of the angels... but it has been the unexpected things in life, which I think, in my own experience, made years seem like months, in their elusive passing. Even that after a decade, one might tend to slow down a little, and settle in to some routine, and one's part as a consistency in an ever-changing world, raging through another revolution.

One after another harvest, has come, and passed, each, produced into a program intended for later debut at some ethereally referred to, ever-coming, unspecified future time... And over the years, the station has cruised at number one, and has been of large capacity and large round the clock audiences, and was always even as such, considered small, and merely preparing for launch, being only large enough to accommodate the artist community producing the programming, and those small numbers who have variously happened upon the station, hidden deep within the global electronic music underground, prior to it's coming launch.

The station is, in fact, five years displaced behind schedule, due to unscheduled international belligerence, and related distractions, which all just goes with running a global radio station on the front line in the cold war, one might well suppose, yet thus during covert war times, no less... but through it all, this station and radio show have served as something of a bastion, and a sanctuary, in otherwise dangerous and concerning times, and a place where we can leave the world behind, and listen to the stars the media cartels no longer sign nor lift to shine, that mankind might hear the enlightening songs of the angels, and of true culture in our troubled times... And so the harvesting has continued, and one after another independent site has been wiped out, one community after another, in another of the many covert wars of our times, but the music continues to play, and the artists continue to produce, and the stream of life remains on the air...

Harvest Number 82 for Winter 2010:
I have just been given to complete harvest number 82, for January 2010, and I have been continuing to harvest all the best electronic music by all the artists at by diving deep into the all time charts to work through all the artists, (I am presently at #1500), and in this process, the depth of the chart is not related to the quality of the music and/or artists, that there are so many artists that the deeper one goes the better the music gets, and so I am visiting every artist's site there who has made some electronica, and in this harvest, I was given to gather 400 tracks, and have mixed 200 of them into Program Number 82.0.

This harvest may evolve quite a bit as we listen to it, as I put it together very quickly just to get it on the air by new years' eve in a preview and pre-mix format, and so I am remixing it as we listen, and I have hundreds more tracks that I would variously be adding to it, including new releases from and as well as the increasingly popular and unique new

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Date Posted : November 13, 2003 04:14:56 PM
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Date Posted : November 11, 2003 02:32:23 AM
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