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Harvest Number 83 - For Spring 2010

I have just been rendered to complete Harvest Number 83, for Spring, 2010. This is a huge, double sized harvest of over 400 tracks. To start out, I was given to harvest over 80 of the hottest new releases at, and then I proceeded with the ongoing wide-swath harvest of, where I harvested everything by everyone from 1500 to 1600 in the database, for over 300 more tracks in this harvest of the best 21st century electronic music, and things.

For this harvest, we are also featuring new works by Sunburn in Cyprus, as well as the hot new album by Repose, as well as the new album by Weed, all of which made it in time for feature in this harvest.

For the past few months I have been working on upgrading the station and repairing it's capacity and things, and so much of the programming has been in recorded "podcast" format while I have been working on things, however I am back on the air live again now, mixing nightly and the like, as we proceed into the spring and summer programming.

Synerdata.Net Radio Continues.



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