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Harvest Number 82 - For Winter 2010

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Entering into a new decade of producing Synerdata Radio seems strangely surreal...

Indeed, it is interesting how quickly time can seem to pass when one is listening to good music and the songs of the angels... but it has been the unexpected things in life, which I think, in my own experience, made years seem like months, in their elusive passing. Even that after a decade, one might tend to slow down a little, and settle in to some routine, and one's part as a consistency in an ever-changing world, raging through another revolution.

One after another harvest, has come, and passed, each, produced into a program intended for later debut at some ethereally referred to, ever-coming, unspecified future time... And over the years, the station has cruised at number one, and has been of large capacity and large round the clock audiences, and was always even as such, considered small, and merely preparing for launch, being only large enough to accommodate the artist community producing the programming, and those small numbers who have variously happened upon the station, hidden deep within the global electronic music underground, prior to it's coming launch.

The station is, in fact, five years displaced behind schedule, due to unscheduled international belligerence, and related distractions, which all just goes with running a global radio station on the front line in the cold war, one might well suppose, yet thus during covert war times, no less... but through it all, this station and radio show have served as something of a bastion, and a sanctuary, in otherwise dangerous and concerning times, and a place where we can leave the world behind, and listen to the stars the media cartels no longer sign nor lift to shine, that mankind might hear the enlightening songs of the angels, and of true culture in our troubled times... And so the harvesting has continued, and one after another independent site has been wiped out, one community after another, in another of the many covert wars of our times, but the music continues to play, and the artists continue to produce, and the stream of life remains on the air...

Harvest Number 82 for Winter 2010:
I have just been given to complete harvest number 82, for January 2010, and I have been continuing to harvest all the best electronic music by all the artists at by diving deep into the all time charts to work through all the artists, (I am presently at #1500), and in this process, the depth of the chart is not related to the quality of the music and/or artists, that there are so many artists that the deeper one goes the better the music gets, and so I am visiting every artist's site there who has made some electronica, and in this harvest, I was given to gather 400 tracks, and have mixed 200 of them into Program Number 82.0.

This harvest may evolve quite a bit as we listen to it, as I put it together very quickly just to get it on the air by new years' eve in a preview and pre-mix format, and so I am remixing it as we listen, and I have hundreds more tracks that I would variously be adding to it, including new releases from and as well as the increasingly popular and unique new

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