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Station Expansion

Some may wonder about the relatively static nature of the programming this year, where normally I am given to alternate programs more frequently, and do more live mixing, and the reason for this is because I am actually working hard here behind the scenes on preparing the station for launch, and some other things...

In the times ahead we are to be increasing the station's capacity back to normal, and then resuming wide promotion, to bring it back out of the proverbial garage, where it has been obscurely parked since 2006, while the rumored war on Canada has unfolded. We are very excited about proceeding with the station's development schedule now, starting with repairs to it's audience capacity, and visible presence and accessibility to the public, having completed the internal infrastructure upgrades over the past orbit.

As one of the artists, I have also been taking time this orbit to work on a belated new album of electronica, where I have sorely neglected my own music production since my last single in 2005, and so this is the reason that I have been playing pre-recorded multi-part "podcast" versions of each harvest lately, as I have hijacked the main computer here in the ctrl-room for music production.

We have harvest Number 83 coming up, but prior to that I am hoping to be given to mix up an interim feature, as well as to put on a couple of favorite past programs, just to freshen things up prior to the next harvest.

Thanks for your patience while we attend to expanding the station in our launch preparations!

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