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Harvest Number 92 For Fall 2013

Greetings Radio Listeners!  

Harvest Number 92 for Fall 2013 is now [ON-THE-AIR]

We have a very special program for this installment.  Not long ago, Gary Numan made the move to Los Angeles, and so after years about hearing about his regular tours in the UK and other exploits, it has been happening that North Americans have been having great opportunity to show their appreciation and to attend one of his band's performances, as upon his current North American and UK tour, and so we have been hearing a lot more about Gary, and look forward to more opportunities to experience his performances.

Harvest Number 92 is inspired by Gary Numan, featuring the hottest new releases in Heavy Industrial God Electronica and Light Industrial Trip-Hop, coinciding with his current tour.  This a phenomenal show with the decidedly darker sound of contemporary Industrial Trip-Hop Electronica.  On the air are some 300 hot new releases for over 19 hours of the true sound of mankind in our present times.

Come and join us in listening!

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SYNERDATA - 21st Century Electronica Tour

Synerdata.Net Radio is happy to report that we have now restored the station back to it's regular large audience capacity after a number of years of running in the shadows, allowing us to return to being promoted on higher-traffic sites, and to restore it's prominence and visibility after having upgraded the entire station and it's infrastructure in anticipation of its long delayed launch.  We have just completed transitioning to an all new server center in Chicago and a new IP address (, and the transition has gone smoothly, though we did lose many listeners who's smartphone apps do not update to the new address automatically.  Such listeners are advised to contact the maker of their smartphone app to ask them to update to the new stream server address above. 
All Systems Are Go for Launch.

Over the years, Synerdata.Net Radio has built up a vast archive of hand-picked hot new releases in electronica, and things, and so we have this huge music library which only just keeps growing with each new harvest.  While there has been a tendency to play the newest music, and recent harvests, it remains that most of the music in The Secret Hidden Underground Electronica Archives remains new, and unheard by most people upon the earth, and new to a greater part of the thousands and thousands of unique listeners here each month, way up now, in 2013.  In recognition of this, and by request of one of the long-time regular listeners who contributes station hardware infrastructure and server services, I am in the process of taking a live tour of past programs on Synerdata.Net Radio, many of the programs being played for the first time since they originally aired.  This is the first time I have actually taken the station on such a comprehensive tour of past programming, spanning the 14 years since Synerdata Radio started streaming, as we listen to all the best releases in independent electronica, and things, over the course of these turbulent and challenging years.

Thanks for listening!

Gordon Stark

Migrating To A New Server Address

Just a note to all our regular listeners, we are migrating to a new server address this month (May) and our new address is: and the old address would be discontinuing on May 18th.

Please ensure you update your bookmarks to reflect this new change.

You may also use to link to the new address.

Harvest Number 91 for Spring 2013 [ON-THE-AIR]

This harvest, and the last, took an unusually long time to complete and get on the air.  While it is always worth the wait, things have come a long way from back when harvests were every two weeks, in 2002.

I have over 200 phenomenal new releases on the air to warm up your spring setting, for over 20 hours and 44 minutes of smooth brand, new electronic music, with a playlist off-set of just under 4 hours on each rotation of the planet, shifting the program forward each cycle for those who listen daily at the same times, to work through it over the course of about three days.  It's a lot of new music to become familiar with, and so I am still fine-mixing it on the air while we listen.

When I started producing Synerdata Radio for Stream-On-Request play on the internet in 1999, it was at the original mp3com, where all the artists in the world were gathering in vast numbers after it's big IPO, and back then, and after building the live stream station to host the show in Victoria in 2002, almost all harvesting was taking place at {the original} mp3com and (now called, and so it was all very centralized, and the artists knew this community station, which one of the artists contributed to the community as an old radio producer and collector of electronic music.  Way up in 2013, the original mp3com has been destroyed now, as was, where most of the mp3com artists went, and were then strategically buried and hidden, and so up now, the artists are scattered all over the world at smaller community sites, net labels, and private domains.  I continue to follow the work of the best artists wherever they have migrated to over time, while others have come and gone.  

Up now, I still review all new releases at since the last harvest, and so that's the way to ensure I review your work, but otherwise, most of each new harvest up now is coming from a wide array of artist hosting and release sites, wheresoever the best artists may be, and so it's not the same as reviewing 800 new releases every 3 months at (2004-2008), in a highly centralized way, and where the artists were actively attending to producing the music for each new harvest to blend together synergystically.   There has been a tendency to download music in album format up now, and so that has also changed the programs somewhat, spotlighting a number of albums in full, variously blended into each show, and giving greater artist spotlight, and over-all program vibe and sound to various artists at prominance.

In Harvest Number 91, there is less vocal Trip-Hop than has been usual, and there is more instrumental electronica.  Prominent are a new album by Mauxuam, as well as an artist collective that he is a member of, called Cloud Cycle (, for lot's of cutting edge electronica, and to offset this, there are an array of artists from the Interchill label, presenting the finest modern cultural electronica.

There is a lot of -really- gorgeous and phenomenal new music in this harvest, and so please remember to help support your favorite 21st century artists directly.

You can view the initial playlist for this program, with artist download URL's, at Playlist.Synerdata.Net.

Tune in at: Synerdata.Net Radio!