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Harvest Number 84 - For Fall 2010

Everything is going well in getting settled into our new coordinates, however work continues on resolving some networking issues. Specifically, we are streaming via the Shaw Ethernet, rather than our usual Telus ADSL service which has yet to be activated at the station's new location, and so during peak periods there have been issues with streaming over the shared bandwidth of the Shaw network here on SSI, causing stream consistency issues. I apologize for this rare blip in stream reliability while we are streaming temporarily over an Ethernet service. North American daytimes can be problematic, but night time bandwidth is generally unconstrained.

Thank you for your patience with technical issues while we temporarily stream via the Shaw Ethernet service until our regular Telus DSL service is re-activated at the new location.

Harvest Number 84 - For Fall 2010

Now that has been destroyed by the competition in their decade long war on networked independent artists and communities and services which promote them, the global independent artist community landscape has been virtually clearcut now, as that gathering of the greater portion of the vast original mp3com artist commmunity was skattered and disconnected. The result of this is that most of the big independent artist sites have now been destroyed, leaving sites like, and among the few remaining original community sites which have survived this past 10 years in the war on independent artists...

In this, the 84th harvest of all new releases in electronica, The International Harvester has focused exclusively on the vibrant independent artist community at, and so we have over 100 of the best new tracks in rotation now, and this show rocks! As the days pass, I expect to be given to add further tracks to incremental versions of this harvest, along with other special surprises. We are listening to the hottest new releases since June 2010, and other excellent tracks uncovered in Harvest Number 84 from



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