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Harvest Number 90 For Fall 2012

The All New Harvest Number 90, For Fall, 2012, is now [ON-THE-AIR]

Over the years, and up until 2006, when it was shut down, one of the sites that I was harvesting from has been, or the Internet Underground Music Archives, regarded as the first one, dating back to the early 1990's.  It was rather sudden, when it went down in 2006, but leading up to that, was racing to archive all the music and data at, and managed to get most of the site, before it went down. has just recently resurrected IUMA at, and while the archive does not have the familiar IUMA site design (which can still be seen in The Way Back Machine, which archived it), one can browse all the free IUMA mp3 files and artist data which was rescued, and so this is allowing me to resume harvesting of IUMA, to gather up all the best of all that was rescued, and getting it onto the show.

In Harvest Number 90, there is a broad assortment of Electronica and Trip Hop from IUMA, as well as the latest releases since the last harvest of the best new electronica from, as well as slew of new releases from some of the best artists the station is following at and, and elsewhere.

Harvest Number 90 is a highly diverse show, weighing in at just moments under twelve hours in breadth, with lot's for everyone.



IUMA - Internet Underground Music Archive Rescued!

Good news to fans of the famous old IUMA Internet Underground Music Archive! managed to scrape most of the site before it was closed in 2006, and they have just opened access to the music they rescued.   You can find the introduction at:, and you can find a description of the rescue announcement at:, and if you want to dig right into the huge treasure trove and start listening and downloading you can go directly to:

Special thanks to the good people at for rescuing so much of IUMA.

Harvest Number 90, for Summer 2012, should be on the air any day now!


What Happened to WinAMP?

I thought you might find this article at on the history of WinAMP interesting, if you are a long-time listener:

Harvest Number 89 - For Spring 2012

The hottest new releases for Spring 2012 are now [ON-THE-AIR] on CMP3-FM Synerdata Radio!

I have over 150 phenomenal new releases and things finely blended for Version Zero of Harvest Number 89, making for a really excellent sounding new presentation of the state of the art in 21st century electronica, and things.

In this harvest, the vibrant artist community at has clearly been working overtime, with a strong showing of almost 100 hot new releases since our last harvest that I have selected to blend into H89, and so most of the artists presented in this harvest are from among that community, which the station and it's harvesting are based in (while harvesting from any and all sites).  

As usual, we have the latest tracks from the most prolific artists like Focalized, Uncle Reg, Akinesie, Satorbass, Elika, Fex, Ned Coleman, Wintermute, and many others, as well as a fine showing of new artists we are pleased to introduce.  I make a routine of reviewing all the newly releasing artists at in consistency from one harvest to the next, and this way any artist who would like to be on the show only needs to sign up for a free artist page there, and release some of their electronica, and I am able to get it into the next harvest...   Meanwhile, I continue to harvest from the full array of popular and altruistic new release sites and artist communities and artist domains, to round out each harvest with a full scope cross-section of what the best electronica artists of our times are producing.  Be sure to help lift your favorite artists in the charts by downloading their new releases while they are still free, and buy their albums to directly show them your support!  That's how the system works, up now.

I am pleased to introduce the listeners of Synerdata Radio to a very notable record label based right here on Salt Spring Island in Canada, called Interchill Records (, which is representing some of our favorite independent artists from across the past decade.  In the coming harvests I would be presenting a broad selection of tracks from their catalog, including the works of well known independent artists like Eat Static and BlueTech, and many others, making for a really special treat from some of the finest independent artist's who's work we are known to follow.  You can buy the featured albums at

You can view the initial playlist for the latest Harvest at Playlist.Synerdata.Net, including written URL's for the artists.



Live MP3-J Update

I thought I would just like to let you know about some of the cool things that have been happening here @synerdata this spring.  As much as I love to write, and do so throughout each revolution of the planet, one would not discern as much from a look at the station's MP3-J log, where I have somewhat raised to a fine art the processes of literary minimalism, infrequence, generic description, and personality-free publishing sensibilities, echoing that time-worn refrain...  Synerdata is a radio show, not a website.

My apologies for having remained so obscure over the course of the past decade on the air while preparing the station for launch, for it has not been intended that I should always be so minimally vocal and written here, where in fact I do have many things which I look forward to speaking about in the times ahead, about the experience of finding and tracking and lifting up the best free artists of the 21st century, and of producing the special program that presents us with such a rich and wide scope of the true sound of mankind, way up now.

As of 2012, I have been given to complete a much needed upgrade of The CTRL-ROOM here on SSI, replacing all the well worn systems here, and this presented me with a planned opportunity to process the entire archive of past programs to begin assembling The Big Strand of The Song of Songs, and recording updated versions of all past harvest programs. 

While I am working on these programs at intervals, we are in the process of touring the complete history of Synerdata.Net Radio for the first time, to hear all the best releases in independent music of the 21st century.  At any time I may be presenting a past program while recording it in podcast format for listener download in the future.

I have been working on Harvest Number 89 for some time now.  After so many years, the processes of reviewing and downloading and tagging and mixing hundreds of new releases all at once has come to be a decidedly unhurried affair, stretching out as much as a month of longer, down from two days going like mad in the early days of internet history.  I am just at the mixing stage of production on the next harvest, which I expect to have on the air live in an unspecified number of days and/or hours.

It says here that a Twitter account is expected up now, lest you are not normal, or something, and so I finally gave up, and activated @synerdata, which I have absolutely no intentions of using, but there you go.  Perhaps I would learn to use it, and announce new harvests and things, and so if Twitter means something to you, we got you covered.  

Anyways, just thought I would say hi, and let you know how things are going with Harvest Number 89 and things...


Signal To Noise from Douglas Koke on Vimeo.

Here's a little something to get you in the mood for the Science Electronica Sub-Strand!

Harvest Number 88 For Winter 2012

I have just completed Harvest Number 88 for Winter 2012.

In this Harvest I once again visit a broad cross-section of independent artist release sites to review and harvest the hottest new releases in Trip-Hop and other new electronica, and things, and we have a great new program of some 267 awesome tracks, as well as a special presentation of the Science Electronica Super-Strand, to round out this program.

For a large part of the previous orbit, I have been playing recorded versions of the past 6 programs in general rotation while I have been occupied attending to a national security crisis, as well as upgrading the station's systems, but as of Harvest 88 I am pleased to be streaming live 24/7 again, and to be mixing daily and things as history proceeds.

Make yourself a fresh hot coffee, or the like, and sit back and get into a phenomenal new cross-section of the hottest new releases in electronica, and things, for Winter 2012.

You can view a playlist for Harvest 88 HERE (Mix may change over time)


Windows 7 Shoutcast Player Gadget

I just thought I would point out a great gadget for Windows 7 which allows you to play shoutcast streams from your desktop, for anyone interested, click here:

Just download the Shoutcast Player Gadget, and then type in Synerdata's server address:

I am just in the process of producing Harvest Number 88 which should be on the air shortly.

It Rocks!