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Harvest Number 88 For Winter 2012

I have just completed Harvest Number 88 for Winter 2012.

In this Harvest I once again visit a broad cross-section of independent artist release sites to review and harvest the hottest new releases in Trip-Hop and other new electronica, and things, and we have a great new program of some 267 awesome tracks, as well as a special presentation of the Science Electronica Super-Strand, to round out this program.

For a large part of the previous orbit, I have been playing recorded versions of the past 6 programs in general rotation while I have been occupied attending to a national security crisis, as well as upgrading the station's systems, but as of Harvest 88 I am pleased to be streaming live 24/7 again, and to be mixing daily and things as history proceeds.

Make yourself a fresh hot coffee, or the like, and sit back and get into a phenomenal new cross-section of the hottest new releases in electronica, and things, for Winter 2012.

You can view a playlist for Harvest 88 HERE (Mix may change over time)


Windows 7 Shoutcast Player Gadget

I just thought I would point out a great gadget for Windows 7 which allows you to play shoutcast streams from your desktop, for anyone interested, click here:

Just download the Shoutcast Player Gadget, and then type in Synerdata's server address:

I am just in the process of producing Harvest Number 88 which should be on the air shortly.

It Rocks!