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If you would prefer to listen to a specific program in stream on demand format, you can select from an array of programs listed at Synerdata.Net Radio's Station Program Playlist Page.

Stream on Demand Playlists allow you the ability to simply click to download any featured tracks from artists that you like, or to otherwise click to visit the featured artist's song page, as well as the ability to remix the programs to suit your preferences.

Our latest Harvest for 2010 is located HERE in stream by Request format...


Stream Consistency Issues

While the station is fully operational, we are still awaiting the installation of our normal networking service provider at the new location, which is now re-scheduled for Monday the 22nd of November. When we have been streaming live from here over an alternate network (an ethernet), there have been stream consistency issues during the peak traffic daytime hours, and so, during such times I have taken to streaming directly from the server, at 192k, until our usual networking service is activated at the new coordinates. Sorry for any inconvenience in this delay in returning to normal professional quality radio streaming in our new location on SSI. While streaming directly from the server, in Chicago, there is no announcing, and so it's just the tracks, Jack.