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Harvest Number 93 for Fall 2014

Harvest Number 93 for Fall 2014 is now [ON-THE-AIR]

It has been unprecedented that since the station started that I have gone this long without producing a new harvest, where the last new show was around this time a year ago.  My apologies for that, but there has been a lot happening here in true history in the course of this past orbit, somewhat distracting me from my volunteer work maintaining the station and programming.

As of this past August, shut down.  It was originally called, a site started by one of the original mp3com artists, Gideon Marken in San Diego, at the turn of the millennium.  After a long run, Gideon made the decision to shut down after over a decade of services to the global independent artist community to focus on new projects.  Synerdata.Net Radio is accustomed to the process of sites going down, and has relocated our station harvesting base many times, and now, to has become the preferred hosting site by most of the artists we have been following from one hosting site to another over the years, and has for some time now been the primary site where new music for Synerdata.Net Radio is being harvested, along with a presence maintained at   This month's harvest is exclusively from artists which the station is following at these two sites.

We have a great cross section of new electronica for Harvest Number 93 in a traditionally broad scope of sub-genres.  A copy of the playlist can be found at  The program is around 12 hours long for a full shift of listening pleasure.  Visit Synerdata.Net to listen, or tune in via your favorite media player.

As Chapter 3 is wrapping up here at the heart of modern history, we are looking forward with dread to the commencement of Chapter 12 in the year ahead, leading to the launching of the station following the revelation of 12:17.   Get ready, here IT comes!


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