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What is Synerdata Radio?


 For 16 years now, I have been producing Synerdata Radio.  It has come time to discontinue producing this radio show.  In recent years, I have found I do not have the time I once did to contribute to the production of this groundbreaking new style of radio program, and since the closing of last summer, as the central site at which artists were able to release tracks for inclusion in this program, I have wrestled with the intention to continue it, when one after another free music hosting sites have been closed in recent years, and the landscape of the internet has drastically changed since the time when this station was number one in Electronica at  

This station has been able to continue for so long as a free, non-commercial net radio station service to artists and their listeners due to the kind support of its listeners and the once vibrant and gathered artist communities it has served to promote, and it has been a phenomenal experience to present such a groundbreaking new style of programming.  

For some years now, I have not had the time to contribute to producing the show as in the beginning, and have increasingly relied upon playing recordings of previous shows, and I have decided that where I have personally moved on to other things in community service, the time has come to discontinue this one where I no longer have the time and resources to continue it.

Thanks for listening.

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You have arrived at a very special radio station.

The radio program on this station is special because of where the music comes from, and how it is gathered, mixed, and presented, as well as the legal status of the music. This radio program started in the original independent artist community in 1999, and is produced by independent artists.

On a regular basis, Synerdata Radio reviews all the music by every artist who releases a new track at a broad array of independent artists sites and then harvests all the best tracks, by everyone, all inclusively, so as to present the most broad scope possible on all the best new releases and actively releasing artists, independent of who the big labels have decided you would be allowed to listen to in their own mass media channels, and in this way, we are able to provide an accurate cross-section and reflection of what all the best artists of our times are singing about, and producing, that you might hear these, and thus, hear true culture of mankind in the 21st century.

This radio program is special, because we connect you directly to the featured artist's sites, where you can freely and legally download the tracks we play, and can support and inspire your favorite artist's by buying their CD's, and so you can shop for new free music while you listen, and we ensure you are hearing all the newest and best artists and releases of our times, hot off the press, as it were.

This radio program is a special community service to independent artists, and radio listeners, to fairly present everything new by everyone, and then to connect you, directly, to all the best artists and free legal music of our times.

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Synerdata.Net Radio specializes in Trip Hop Electronica (trippy, groovy, laid back, sexy vocals, etc), but also plays anything cool, Jazzy, melodic electronica, ambient, and more.