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Harvest Number 89 - For Spring 2012

The hottest new releases for Spring 2012 are now [ON-THE-AIR] on CMP3-FM Synerdata Radio!

I have over 150 phenomenal new releases and things finely blended for Version Zero of Harvest Number 89, making for a really excellent sounding new presentation of the state of the art in 21st century electronica, and things.

In this harvest, the vibrant artist community at has clearly been working overtime, with a strong showing of almost 100 hot new releases since our last harvest that I have selected to blend into H89, and so most of the artists presented in this harvest are from among that community, which the station and it's harvesting are based in (while harvesting from any and all sites).  

As usual, we have the latest tracks from the most prolific artists like Focalized, Uncle Reg, Akinesie, Satorbass, Elika, Fex, Ned Coleman, Wintermute, and many others, as well as a fine showing of new artists we are pleased to introduce.  I make a routine of reviewing all the newly releasing artists at in consistency from one harvest to the next, and this way any artist who would like to be on the show only needs to sign up for a free artist page there, and release some of their electronica, and I am able to get it into the next harvest...   Meanwhile, I continue to harvest from the full array of popular and altruistic new release sites and artist communities and artist domains, to round out each harvest with a full scope cross-section of what the best electronica artists of our times are producing.  Be sure to help lift your favorite artists in the charts by downloading their new releases while they are still free, and buy their albums to directly show them your support!  That's how the system works, up now.

I am pleased to introduce the listeners of Synerdata Radio to a very notable record label based right here on Salt Spring Island in Canada, called Interchill Records (, which is representing some of our favorite independent artists from across the past decade.  In the coming harvests I would be presenting a broad selection of tracks from their catalog, including the works of well known independent artists like Eat Static and BlueTech, and many others, making for a really special treat from some of the finest independent artist's who's work we are known to follow.  You can buy the featured albums at

You can view the initial playlist for the latest Harvest at Playlist.Synerdata.Net, including written URL's for the artists.



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