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I have been working hard in recent weeks upon harvesting and producing a series of new, special  subjective sub-strands of electronica, while working on the development of our live announcing software technology, and in particular it's new program scripting capabilities, which I am to be fully exercising in these special program segments, and in enhanced harvest presentation and play by play announcing.

The first of these segments (all to have visible Sub-Strand names after the program part number), is the Roboticus Electronicus Sub-Strand, or Part Zero of Harvest Number 86, upramping into the harvest which commences with some new robotica electronica by Vostek.  

In each of these special Sub-Strands, rather than just the cryptic trickle of data which we usually present, there is scripted announcing, in where full explanation of the Sub-Strand is presented to bring together the additional content of Synerdata in a more coherent educational entertainment format, and/or to otherwise open up the CTRL-ROOM to a greater degree of hosted presentation of new art and information in each new harvest.

I am really quite excited about the new programming that is coming together here at this time, and hope that everyone finds enjoyable and entertaining this process of developing our Shoutcast Station Live Announcing and Program Production Technology at this time, as these new features are rolled out into regular programming.

In this first Sub-Strand, The Roboticus Electronicus part, there is an expositional introduction to The Technology of Life, and Solid-State Prosthetic human bodies, and new releases about this subject matter and stage of human evolutionary progression.


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