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Harvest Number 85 - For Spring 2011

I am delighted to have Harvest Number 85 on the air for Spring 2011...

Once again, it is a phenomenal cross section of the hottest new releases of the 21st century in electronica and trip hop, presenting a broad scope on the state of the art in contemporary electronic music.

In this harvest, we have the hottest new releases from since our previous harvest, and in this harvest, we also visit, to present a full array of the finest trip hop artists, along with new releases from, and a full array of the latest work by the best artists of the 21st century, who's ongoing work we continue to follow closely over the years through their home sites.

We have over 200 excellent tracks arrayed for harvest number 85, for just over 13 hours of phenomenal new releases, and things.  At times, I am playing pre-recorded multi-part advancing versions of the new harvest, while at other times, I am streaming (and remxing) live from The  CTRL-ROOM on SSI as the program continues evolving each day and night.

For those wondering why we sometimes stream song titles while at other times do not, it has to do with a limitation of our automatic level (gain) controls, such that when there are no individual song titles in the stream metadata, it means automatic level controls is activated, and so the stream sounds it's best, and the volume remains the same from one track to the next, but when there are song titles, it means we are streaming each track at it's own individual inherent levels, and so the volume may increase and decrease from one track to another.  I sometimes stream track titles so that the artist url's are literarily visible to listeners, so you can download the music from the featured artists and buy their CD's and the other things.


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