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Harvest Number 81 - Fall 2009

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Harvest Number 81 for Fall 2009: While the 10th Anniversary Celebrations continue on CMP3-FM Synerdata.Net Radio, I have just completed Harvest Number 81, for Fall, 2009, and for this harvest I was given to go to harvest among the original mp3com community of artists who were transferred to, where they are strategically buried, as in a great haystack...

In this harvest I have focused primarily upon Trip-Hop artists, while still arriving at a full cross-section of every other sub-genre of electronica in the course of harvesting, and once again, it was what I call a double-harvest, which is to say, around 300 new releases (150 is a single program), and so there is a lot of new music to listen to and fully appreciate.

In Program Number 81.0, I have started out as usual featuring some of the most outstanding new releases earlier in the program, and in this program, we start out listening to mostly the world's best and pioneering Trip-Hop artists, (not to be confused with hip-hop or rap), and for those who do not know, Trip-Hop is perhaps the most over-all beautiful genre, usually featuring dreamy female vocals set to smooth and trippy electronica, and the music is usually themed, or is about some kind of trip, or off-subject matter, and it often includes Dub and sampling as well. Trip-Hop is my personal favorite kind of electronica, and Synerdata Radio has been called the best Trip-Hop station on the planet, which it certainly does aspire to being. And so this program starts out with a full array of mind-bending new Trip-Hop releases by the best, and most well known independent artists, interspersed with occasional instrumental and melodic electronica breaks and sub-strands...

Later on in the program, after about 100 tracks of the smoothest and most beautiful Trip-Hop and other electronica, we proceed into the best louder Trip-Hop and other electronica, including some drum and bass, and a full array of new controversial transcorrelating electronica following along popularized station themes, and established shock-radio therapy, and conveying the best of the new kick-ass electronica in a couple of sets with rest breaks between them, and then as the program proceeds into the second 150 tracks, we get into all the other best electronica which has beeen released, the curiosities, and b-sides, and eclectic tracks, and audio artwork, and everything else which does not fit in at the start of the program.

All in all it's a spectacular new harvest, and the music is once again mind-boggling and phenomenally excellent, for our favorite artists just keep outdoing themselves, and one another, and continually raising the standard and defining the state of the art in new 21st century electronica.

I plan on adding the trip-Hop artists to this Harvest a little later on, if given to, as well, as I continue harvesting from the vibrant community on an ongoing basis as the site the station is based in up now. If you are releasing new electronica that you would like on the station, simply release it at, and I'll be catching up with your work over time.

Otherwise, I plan on continuing to search out all the former original mp3com artists from the vast and difficult to review haystack, and get their new work on the air, and their URL's onto their tracks so that people can find them again, and so I would be reviewing more of the charts at over time (the only way to view the artists there), and gathering the angels where we can hear and connect with them again.

Make a coffee, and settle in to listen to harvest Number 81 on Synerdata Radio, and be prepared for a phenomenal journey through the true sound of mankind up now. And be sure to take rest breaks at intervals, for it's a long program, and it's not healthy to listen for over 24 hours, without sleeping, just because the program is that long.


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