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Harvest Number 78 - March 2009

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Harvest Number 78 - ON-THE-AIR: For this harvest we have returned to one of the original famous independent music sites, which used to be called, but which has since expanded to serve all artists of all types and genres at, and what I specifically did in this harvest is browse ALL the artists in the vibrant ArtistServer community of independent artists, and where I recognized any artist, I downloaded all their new work, and so this has resulted in a phenomenal new harvest of back to back hit tracks by the finest electronic music artists of the early 21st century.

Because I have been given to do this additional harvest for winter 2009, I have been raising up tracks from harvest number 77 into the present program. I expect to be doing much more harvesting from in the future, and I Most Highly Recommend to all independent artists seeking a classic altruistic artist community promotional site with artist collaboration and promotional forums. is one of the original artist community sites which began around the same time as the original mp3com, and is the OMD site of choice for a broad array of the finest electronic music artists on this planet. Check it out!


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