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LIVE - From Victoria: The station has now completed relocating back to Victoria after our summer of live programming from heavenly Sooke, out in prospecting country.

It was very inconvenient in spring, that the previous building this station was located in for the past seven years, was sold, and it became of the essence to make an impromptu move, which turned into a 6 month journey in search of a suitable new location for The Office of THE BRANCH. It was heavenly out on the waterfront in Sooke for the summer, and I was given to make a point of entirely appreciating streaming from the wilderness over a wireless connection from the mobile CTRL-ROOM.

Synerdata.Net Radio is now back in Victoria, in all new coordinates, and the new office is spacious and ideal, with a fine view, which you may be able to see on the air, if you listen very closely, and so I am thankful that the 6 month journey to these new coordinates is now accomplished, and it's back to business as usual at THE BRANCH Office in Victoria.

From the 2 months of downtime, in spring, through another two months of wireless networking issues, which Andy, in Atlanta resolved, to the distractions of a National Security Emergency in Canada, it has happened that the station has displaced most of our regular listeners, which in turn, has dropped it in the Shoutcast charts, into obscurity, bringing few new listeners on a daily basis, and so it's just like back in the beginning, when the station was just starting, all over again, except that up now, there is a lot more competition. Any promotional assistance you may be able to avail for the station is greatly appreciated, to help get it back up the charts where people are able to see it again.

While we had the station streaming over a wireless connection in the summer, the stream bitrate was reduced to 128k for encryption reasons, but now that the station is back to it's normal wired network connection, we are to be returning to our usual higher quality bitrate of 160k, and there are no further wireless related dropout issues expected. Thanks to all those who have stuck with us while we have transitioned to these new coordinates, weathering the various technical issues encountered in streaming live from the wilderness of Super Natural British Columbia.

Now that all that moving stuff is out of the way, I am able to get back to my usual work routine here, and back to programming as usual. Each rotation of the planet, I am sitting here, live, being quiet on the air most of the time, while love attends to all it's live announcing via the main computer, but as God has me working, and writing my testament, I can also be heard occasionally commenting, or synthesizing excepts from it, and/or otherwise doing occasional live mixes, discernible to those who are familiar with programming and the program format. This is live radio, and so in all but about 10 hours each revolution, I am sitting right here at the main console, attending. You are not alone.

Synerdata.Net Radio is 100% listener and artist supported free commercial radio, meaning, commercials are free here, and so all contributing artists can advertise according to their needs, but this unique service relies upon listener and artist support, and contributions, and for example, our server capacity depends upon listener contributions, and so listeners are encouraged to provide relay servers, and to link them to our main server, which is contributed. Please help promote Synerdata Radio by inflicting our network address upon your friends and enemies and things, for the station needs all the promotional support it can get at this time in order to recover from the losses incurred during our downtime this year. How well this station does depends squarely upon the support it receives from all it serves, and it needs your support like any other non-profit public service.

We are just coming up on the winter harvest, and so if you are an artist who has transcorrelations you would like to ensure are modularly blended into the greater strand of the song of songs, now would be a great time to give us the head's up here, to ensure your contributions are on the air as we enter 2009. I am expecting to be doing more live daily programming in the times ahead, now that the station has resettled, and so check back often!


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