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Harvest Number 79 - Spring 2009

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Harvest Number 79 - ON-THE-AIR: For this harvest, I reviewed a selection of genre charts in electronic music at, starting with the top Electronica tracks, and then proceeding to the top Trip-hop tracks, and then Tech-step, and then Goth, and so on, through several other genres featured in this harvest, and what I did was just select tracks directly from the top 30 of each of these genre charts at, initially gathering about 100 of the current top tracks from about 6 different genres of electronica, and then I have mixed these together. The result is an accurate reflection of the current state of the art in electronica music, as reflected in the vibrant international artist community. I would be adding additional tracks to this harvest in the coming weeks, to expand it. In the last harvest (78) I browsed the artist listings, and downloaded all new tracks from artists I am already familiar with at, or remember from back at the original (pre-IPO) mp3com, and so in this harvest, we are listening to the current top tracks in the charts at, and in coming harvests, I would be continuing to harvest all the latest releases as they come out, as well as harvesting by region, and other formats, so that as each harvest is completed, we receive an accurate and broad scope of all the incredible independent artists actively releasing new music at

In my opinion, is the closest thing there is to a replacement for the original mp3com, only better, for it was designed to be altruistic from the start, and to improve upon the original mp3com altruism, and array of promotional tools for the independent music industry, and there you can find an entire cross section of the original famous mp3com artist community.


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