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RIP - Well, we saw it coming, when C|Net was sold to CBS Media and disappeared from the menu, and now it has happened, and has been shut down completely, and is now forwarding all Artist QuickURL's to Last.FM (???) And so it's gone, being the latest in an ongoing string of serial Anti-Competitive Independent Artist OMD Sites which the Record Cartels have been wiping out, and this is on the heals of having bought, and then shutting it down. This all started when Bronfman (then at Universal/Vivendi) declared war on Independent Artists (at mp3com) in San Diego in December of 1999, and determined to destroy the new and fair competition mp3com was presenting. And so another element in the Independent Music Industry infrastructure has been wiped out by the competition, and the links to the artist pages have been broken, once again, and no attempt has been made to even inform the artists. SHAME ON CBS MEDIA!!!

However, it is all for the best, as was a "Media Partner Relationship Agreement" site, fornicating with the RIAA Media Cartel, which re-engineered the site from being an Independent Artist Community Site into an Independent Competition Graveyard, where the artists were strategically buried, and the ability to communicate between artists there was shut down, and so CBS Media actually did everyone a favor there by just getting rid of the site, lest more Independent Artists were harmed and deceived.

Well, we are getting a little tired of the game of musical site destruction, and so the new criteria is that we would not be harvesting in the future from those sites which are MPRA/IPRA contaminated sites, and the station has newly touched down at, which is an altruistic Independent Artist owned and operated artist community site, with a solid reputation for fairly serving in the open independent industry infrastructure, and is host to many of the original mp3com community artists who migrated there when Bronfman destroyed mp3com in his anti-competitive corporate crime spree. We Most Highly Recommend that all independent artists who were formerly at join us in migrating to, where you will find a very large and vibrant and highly active community of the finest artists in the biz, as well as wholly altruistic Independent Artist Infrastructure and promotional features and artist community interaction and collaboration.


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