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Harvest Number 80 - Summer 2009

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Synerdata Radio's Tenth Anniversary: Synerdata Radio (CMP3-FM) first started streaming the hottest new releases in electronica from the original mp3com in 1999. For the past decade, Synerdata Radio has been reviewing all the latest releases in independent electronica, and connecting you to all the best new artists, and presenting the widest scope possible of all hard working, actively releasing independent artists. One would think that after 10 years, we would have launched the station by now, but it's waiting for something...

Harvest Number 80 is now ON-THE-AIR, and for this harvest, I was given to review all new releases in "Electronica" specifically, at, and I reviewed each of the new releases in Electronica from the present, back to 2001, when first opened (originally as, and I was given to download all the best "Electronica" genre tracks from, and I have arrayed about 250 of these in the Program Number 80.0 playlist. Once again, I was harvesting with the intent of being most inclusive, hence the double-sized program for this harvest. I would like to stress that while these are all the best tracks released as "Electronica" genre tracks, there is far more electronic music at in other genres of electronic music, wherein Electronica is just a sub-genre. Because of the large amount of electronica, I would be fine-mixing it over time, as we become more familiar with everyone's work, and so early versions of Program Number 80.x may be a little eclectic farther into the program, as we work our way through it.

TEN ORBITS: It was back at the original pre-ipo mp3com that I was a part of that original vast global mp3com independent music production community, being the largest gathering of artists upon the earth, with more inherent political power than all the record cartels combined, (were it the competition allowed the community to persist, and remain socially interconnected), and I was releasing my own albums there on mp3com manufactured CD's, and taking part in the new music industry the oppositely functioning record cartels were attempting to compete with, but fairly could not. At that time, the average CD by an excellent artist was US$4.00, establishing a new standard which was quickly wiped out by the competition. The community was phenomenal, made up of tens of thousands of artists from all over the earth, for all were coming in hearing of the gathering of the angels, and each genre of music had a virtually bottomless chart, and listening to each chart as a playlist was an incredible global journey, opening one's eyes and ears to THE TRUE SOUND of mankind upon the brink of the 21st century.

Phenomenal things were happening, which had never happened before, and all the artists were interconnecting, and collaborating with like-talented artists, and the artists were lifting one another up, to raise the finest in the world, and the artists began producing naturally arising song strands, where two or more songs inspired by a first song, modularly blend together to form a new and greater multi-artist "song strand" across a broad array of popular subjects, and memes, and themes, and contemporary news and concerns. I was tracking and following all these phenomena, including the preservation of the amazing modular song strands the artists were openly and all inclusively producing.

It was amazing, but it was still mostly only the 100,000 or so artists who were variously witnessing all such things, and hearing all the most incredible music in the world by all the real stars love hath wrought, who, decades ago, would have been "the signed". Even in such a vast community, there was a great challenge of sorting, and a need for thoughtful mixing, and highlighting of artists, for there was more music than anyone could listen to, and so the artists, who knew all the music and other artists the best, were sorting, and interconnecting, and this is about when mp3com implemented "Stations" which were stream on demand playlists, and some were casual, while others were highly produced radio shows, with announcing, and special features, and music produced specifically for station promotions and/or themes, and Synerdata Radio was one of these, and was a pioneering station of fully produced and live hosted radio programs in where I was presenting and arraying and highlighting popularly arising artist subject strands in music, which any artists could freely join in an add to, and in my harvesting, I would gather the new correlations, and add them to their respective strands, in those locations that the artists make obvious.

Synerdata Radio continued as a popular stream on demand radio station at mp3com while I worked on building the live stream station here in Victoria through the turn of the millennium, and in February of 2002, Synerdata Radio went from being a produced stream on request radio program to being a live 24/7/365 radio stream, produced live, on the fly, and in those times, Synerdata Radio was at number one in electronica at, and had a much larger donated server, and hundreds of artists were producing the music for feature on Synerdata Radio, which was connecting radio listeners to the artists, and thus lifting them up in the mp3com charts, and selling their CD's, and introducing the public to the best new artists of the 21st century. The goal on Synerdata Radio was to review -everybody- equally and fairly, and to present -as many- of the best new and up and coming artists as possible, rather than only a select few, and this was so that the public might see the wealth of music which is available, and so that mankind can hear the true cultural sound of mankind, in electronic music, up in these times, when the angels are restricted from being heard by the masses by the media cartels.

As one of the artists, I had hoped to present more music of my own on the station, however, I have found that building and running the station has largely displaced my own music production, and I have not done as much, myself, as I had hoped, in the course of 80 harvests. I am an old FM Radio Producer, and I was in the process of developing a new FM radio station for Victoria and region, to play electronic music upon, but once the shoutcast streaming technology of the late 90's appeared, it was immediate and obvious that I must proceed directly to streaming globally in near CD-quality digital network stream narrowcast radio, wherein there were no CRTC broadcasting license to acquire, nor any delays to getting on the air as soon as possible, and so after commencing CMP3-FM Synerdata Radio at mp3com in 1999, I focused all my attention upon building the physical station, for which I gathered all new equipment and location to build the best professional global station on the internet, and I wrote all the original proprietary station software which produces it's trade-mark live real-time announcing in synthesis, along with my own live and synthesized announcing in conversive tandem.

The station was rocking in 2002, and was topping the charts, and could not expand it's capacity fast enough to keep up with demand, where it was standing room only, and line-up's to get in going down the virtual street, and around the proverbial corner. We were struck with a misfortune when our Venture Capital deal was scuttled by a breech of trust by a financial manager in early 2003, but at that time, a large server was donated, and so the station was able to continue and cruise at a large capacity for years to come, until that was lost as collateral damage in the war, and since 2006, the station has been basically limping along, repairing the damage of the unrelated war on our country, which I remain central to in my public service work for Ottawa, and we have been running on a listener donated server with a small capacity of 15 listeners, since then, contributed by Andy, in Atlanta, who has over the years remained Synerdata Radio's number one contributor through rain and sun alike.

Synerdata Radio -has not actually launched yet- and has merely been harvesting and producing the programs in preparation for launch, which has been delayed for 4 years now by the war, and it's direct covert assault to prevent the station's launch, and I have spent this past year testifying for parliament that the issue is to be resolved, and am in a holding pattern, presently, while due process unfolds, and now focusing upon the station's tenth anniversary.

Ten Years Later, Synerdata Radio is still on the air, and by now, has amassed over 20,000 of the 21st century's hottest new releases in independent music, for one of the largest hand-picked archives of free independent music on the planet, and being established as the #1 authority in electronic music in the 21st century, and connecting you -directly- to all the best artists of the 21st century. Throughout this tenth anniversary year, I am playing a cross section of previous programs and highlights from over the years, as we otherwise proceed to get to know all the best artists at, and other popular independent artist community release sites. In coming harvests, I expect to be given to continue harvesting from many other sites in addition to, where the station has relocated it's harvesting base in the wake of the shutting down of C|net's site, where the station was based from 2004 through 2008, in the wake of the destruction of the former, original mp3com by the competition, in late 2003. Help support the global independent electronic music community, promote Synerdata.Net Radio on your sites, and help get the word out that this artist community station connects you directly to all the best new free promotional electronica on earth!


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