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Harvest Number 92 For Fall 2013

Greetings Radio Listeners!  

Harvest Number 92 for Fall 2013 is now [ON-THE-AIR]

We have a very special program for this installment.  Not long ago, Gary Numan made the move to Los Angeles, and so after years about hearing about his regular tours in the UK and other exploits, it has been happening that North Americans have been having great opportunity to show their appreciation and to attend one of his band's performances, as upon his current North American and UK tour, and so we have been hearing a lot more about Gary, and look forward to more opportunities to experience his performances.

Harvest Number 92 is inspired by Gary Numan, featuring the hottest new releases in Heavy Industrial God Electronica and Light Industrial Trip-Hop, coinciding with his current tour.  This a phenomenal show with the decidedly darker sound of contemporary Industrial Trip-Hop Electronica.  On the air are some 300 hot new releases for over 19 hours of the true sound of mankind in our present times.

Come and join us in listening!

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