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SYNERDATA - 21st Century Electronica Tour

Synerdata.Net Radio is happy to report that we have now restored the station back to it's regular large audience capacity after a number of years of running in the shadows, allowing us to return to being promoted on higher-traffic sites, and to restore it's prominence and visibility after having upgraded the entire station and it's infrastructure in anticipation of its long delayed launch.  We have just completed transitioning to an all new server center in Chicago and a new IP address (, and the transition has gone smoothly, though we did lose many listeners who's smartphone apps do not update to the new address automatically.  Such listeners are advised to contact the maker of their smartphone app to ask them to update to the new stream server address above. 
All Systems Are Go for Launch.

Over the years, Synerdata.Net Radio has built up a vast archive of hand-picked hot new releases in electronica, and things, and so we have this huge music library which only just keeps growing with each new harvest.  While there has been a tendency to play the newest music, and recent harvests, it remains that most of the music in The Secret Hidden Underground Electronica Archives remains new, and unheard by most people upon the earth, and new to a greater part of the thousands and thousands of unique listeners here each month, way up now, in 2013.  In recognition of this, and by request of one of the long-time regular listeners who contributes station hardware infrastructure and server services, I am in the process of taking a live tour of past programs on Synerdata.Net Radio, many of the programs being played for the first time since they originally aired.  This is the first time I have actually taken the station on such a comprehensive tour of past programming, spanning the 14 years since Synerdata Radio started streaming, as we listen to all the best releases in independent electronica, and things, over the course of these turbulent and challenging years.

Thanks for listening!

Gordon Stark

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