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Harvest Number 90 For Fall 2012

The All New Harvest Number 90, For Fall, 2012, is now [ON-THE-AIR]

Over the years, and up until 2006, when it was shut down, one of the sites that I was harvesting from has been, or the Internet Underground Music Archives, regarded as the first one, dating back to the early 1990's.  It was rather sudden, when it went down in 2006, but leading up to that, was racing to archive all the music and data at, and managed to get most of the site, before it went down. has just recently resurrected IUMA at, and while the archive does not have the familiar IUMA site design (which can still be seen in The Way Back Machine, which archived it), one can browse all the free IUMA mp3 files and artist data which was rescued, and so this is allowing me to resume harvesting of IUMA, to gather up all the best of all that was rescued, and getting it onto the show.

In Harvest Number 90, there is a broad assortment of Electronica and Trip Hop from IUMA, as well as the latest releases since the last harvest of the best new electronica from, as well as slew of new releases from some of the best artists the station is following at and, and elsewhere.

Harvest Number 90 is a highly diverse show, weighing in at just moments under twelve hours in breadth, with lot's for everyone.



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