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Live MP3-J Update

I thought I would just like to let you know about some of the cool things that have been happening here @synerdata this spring.  As much as I love to write, and do so throughout each revolution of the planet, one would not discern as much from a look at the station's MP3-J log, where I have somewhat raised to a fine art the processes of literary minimalism, infrequence, generic description, and personality-free publishing sensibilities, echoing that time-worn refrain...  Synerdata is a radio show, not a website.

My apologies for having remained so obscure over the course of the past decade on the air while preparing the station for launch, for it has not been intended that I should always be so minimally vocal and written here, where in fact I do have many things which I look forward to speaking about in the times ahead, about the experience of finding and tracking and lifting up the best free artists of the 21st century, and of producing the special program that presents us with such a rich and wide scope of the true sound of mankind, way up now.

As of 2012, I have been given to complete a much needed upgrade of The CTRL-ROOM here on SSI, replacing all the well worn systems here, and this presented me with a planned opportunity to process the entire archive of past programs to begin assembling The Big Strand of The Song of Songs, and recording updated versions of all past harvest programs. 

While I am working on these programs at intervals, we are in the process of touring the complete history of Synerdata.Net Radio for the first time, to hear all the best releases in independent music of the 21st century.  At any time I may be presenting a past program while recording it in podcast format for listener download in the future.

I have been working on Harvest Number 89 for some time now.  After so many years, the processes of reviewing and downloading and tagging and mixing hundreds of new releases all at once has come to be a decidedly unhurried affair, stretching out as much as a month of longer, down from two days going like mad in the early days of internet history.  I am just at the mixing stage of production on the next harvest, which I expect to have on the air live in an unspecified number of days and/or hours.

It says here that a Twitter account is expected up now, lest you are not normal, or something, and so I finally gave up, and activated @synerdata, which I have absolutely no intentions of using, but there you go.  Perhaps I would learn to use it, and announce new harvests and things, and so if Twitter means something to you, we got you covered.  

Anyways, just thought I would say hi, and let you know how things are going with Harvest Number 89 and things...


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