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Harvest Number 77 - Winter 2009

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Harvest Number 77 - ON-THE-AIR: The Hottest New Releases, for Winter, 2009, are now on the air, bringing you the sound of 2009. I have once again reviewed all releases by all artists who have released a new electronica track at, harvesting everything which deserves to be heard, and we have a phenomenal new harvest on the air, and many more brand new artists sharing their finest work with us, to appreciate.

I have some interesting news related to, as it enters it's 6th year, in the wake of Universal/Vivendi's anti-competitive destruction of the original mp3com in 2003. C|net are those whom Universal/Vivendi sold the domain name mp3com to, imposing anti-competitive Industry Partner Relationship Agreement (IPRA) limitations upon the domain name, in 2003. At the time, C|net appealed to the vast original competing mp3com Independent Music Industry Artists, in the wake of mp3com's destruction, that they come and sign into a new music site which C|net was proceeding to create, which forwarded the altruistic and competitive values of mp3com with the muscle of C|net's famous and trusted "" and it's traffic, which new site was called, or "MDL", for short...

At that devastating juncture in the true history of the decentralized, open Independent Recording Industry, I was given to review the remaining well known OMD sites (as an electronica artist myself), to find a new base community site for the station to reliably harvest from, and in building their new music site, C|net expressed intent to respect the open independent industry's altruistic values, as established at the original mp3com, to fairly serve those artists who fairly compete with the other music industry which works opposite to the Independent Industry fair marketing systems. I selected C|net because they had the corporate muscle to build and run a good site which had the potential to be the standard setter, and biggest legal music site on earth, as well as their express offer of C|net's -high traffic- levels, which were on par with the original mp3com, and there was also the opportunity to take part in consulting to ensure the site was the finest on the earth for Independent artists, and altruistic non-independent artists.

It came to pass that many of the original mp3com artists came to join, though so many were lost, and the excellent staff at C|net worked together with the outspoken contributing artists such that the finest site was built, and for the first couple of years, it remained as such, and community was supported by having forums to promote and for artists to arrange to work together, and so on.

In time, however, the excellent site was replaced with an engineered IPRA site, which is to say, the altruistic elements were removed, as well as the high traffic the artist were receiving, and it was redesigned to function as a haystack, or in other words, an Independent Artist Graveyard, where the competition hides Independent artists from the masses, and places their own artists on the front pages, and the other well documented anti-competitive practices of the RIAA as imposed upon all IPRA sites which they fornicated and made anti-competitive, including the closing of forums, to prevent community interaction between those they compete with, and so the site was strategically crippled by the competition in their war on Independent Artist Competition.

The site has continued to operate in that format for a few years now, but it was still visible to the public, and was still a very good system, and was still attended to by the finest independent artists, and while there was no more community interaction permitted there, I continued to harvest from there, for it is widely known that I do, and so I was bound to continue harvesting there to ensure I got all tracks written by contributing artists for this show, though I opened up to harvesting from other crippled IPRA sites, like, and some which are still unfornicated by the RIAA's war on all independent competition, like, and the recently targeted and destroyed, which was fast becoming the new "main" Independent Artist Industry site.

But there is something happening now, where C|net is now owned by CBS media, and since being acquired, access to by the public, from "", has been removed from the main C|net site's pages, and so has now been hidden from the public, at C|net; and while the site is still operational, there is something going on, and it may be that the RIAA is now in the process of destroying, which is my speculation, based upon my years of observing the war on Independent artists, and the way the RIAA destroys all fair competition, it appears as though may be next in the long line of competing music industry sites which the RIAA has destroyed, and/or is in the process of destroying, prior to it's own destruction, even as written. is the latest Independent industry site to be destroyed, and it was sold by it's creator with the expectation that the site would continue, but those who purchased it simply destroyed it, to assault all the artists yet again, and so the site's creator is saddened, for he was tricked. The war on the vast, and and much larger Independent Artist Industry, by the small American record cartel, the RIAA, continues, and in the past year has reached a new verve and offensiveness, and relentlessly continues towards the RIAA's ultimate destruction by America's now IMMINENT justice. I would keep you informed as America's global covert wars continue.


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