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Harvest Number 75 - Summer 2008

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Harvest #75: ON-THE-AIR! For this harvest, I was given to review all the music by all the artists who released some new electronica at C|Net's since the start of 2008, and I have over 200 hot new releases, and things, on the air.

While we are awaiting the arrival of some new infrastructure, we continue to experience the technical anomaly which results in our net access being paused for a few seconds every now and then, generally once an hour or so. During this time, while our audience levels are lower than usual, we continue upgrading our proprietary station infrastructure, and so while there may be occasional brief disruptions in the stream, all systems are otherwise go, and programming is continuing as unusual.

You may have noticed that we are streaming artist and song title data again, along with visual artist direct home site and track download site URL's, in addition to the regular in-track announcing for those listening via xmms, or otherwise into hearing the names of the artists while we work. I am hoping to be given to further re-activate the listener single click artist surfing interface, for those surfing along to the artist sites while we are listening, as well as the remote mp3-j program mixing interface, where artists and other listeners can mix the programming ourselves, and the like, which systems have been down since 2005, for undisclosed reasons.

The past few years found me considerably distracted from station operations due to unrelated developments, however, since relocating the station this past spring, conditions have been ideal in which to work upon getting all the regular station sub-systems back on-line, and fluent progress is being made. I have been doing up live sets a number of times each revolution of the planet, at which times I may disturb you with a little live speech synthesis, and the usual generic comments, for a sense of atmosphere, and program continuity.


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